Aviso legal / Disclaimer

Some of these works are based on irony, sarcasm, satire or parody, so that they might not imply their literal meaning. Our aim is a broad political, social and moral critique rather than specifically ridicule particular works. Instead of instigating violence, our intention is to focus the attention on the violence inherent to many common practices, so that it can be better known and avoided. They are based on fair use and fair dealing. The use of copyrighted material is for scientific, research, educational, artistic, commentary, criticism or review purposes. We aim at the social usefulness, the stimulation of the creativity, the enrichment of the general public, the contribution to the advance of knowledge, the progress of the arts, etc. through the creation of something new. These works integrate small fragments of originals for specific and intended use, rather than using substantial parts of them, so that they should be considered as transformative with respect to the originals. The use is of a noncommercial nature and for nonprofit purposes, and does not intend to prejudice the sale, diminish the profits, harm the market or supersede the objects of the original works. Regardless of the type of protection (public domain, copyleft, copyright) the sources of the originals are always, where possible, acknowledged. In case the sources of works were not found, it is not intended to plagiarise them. We would like to thank all creators, curators, publishers, distributors, etc. for their kind contributions.

Abbreviations used: [aw] author’s work, [pd] public domain, [fu/fd] fair use/fair dealing, [ua] unknown author, [pao] purposes approved by owner, [cc-by-nc-sa] Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike.

Besides the specification of sources, collages and texts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons License


AI&Pildoras Conspirativas is an independent and alternative project, developed independently from any institution, corporation, program or funding, public or private. This independence is precisely what allows us to express ourselves with total freedom, authenticity and regardless of any concession that could compromise our objectives.


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